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Hey you,

I am Björn, wedding and family photographer from Waghäusel.

But for wedding couples and families, I’m available all over Germany.


My goal is to make you happy with my photography.


If you’re looking for a photographer to take raw, emotional pictures of you and your loved ones, then you’re in the right place.

For me, life isn’t perfect and that’s great (it’d be boring otherwise).

You and your story are the focus.

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small ones and big ones.

When you think about your upcoming wedding, you’re probably thinking about how it will feel to put on your dress or your suit for the first time. About how you are going to see each other in your outfits for the very first time. About the sparkling eyes of your family and friends… or about the delicious buffet and the party that you’re going to have with your now-spouse.

This is the big story, the common theme, which the whole day follows.

But small stories, which are happening in the background, go unnoticed until someone makes them visible; yet, are equally as important.

When your dad accompanies you right before the two of you will walk to the altar, there will be this intimate moment, this tiny touch, and this particular glance.

This is only one example of countless stories and moments that happen and which I want to capture under the common theme of your wedding photography.


for me, are the fundamental element of great photos and great stories.

A kiss to express your unity, a quick touch shared by you and your Maid of Honor or a glance you exchange with your parents when they see you in your dress or suit for the very first time.

Your wedding day is full of various, deep emotions:

Starting with the excitement in the morning and the fun that you’re having with your friends when you’re getting ready. Then there’s the anticipation before you see each other in your dress or suit for the very first time.

During many ceremonies, tears are flowing when the priest, Best Man, Maid of Honor, or friends talk about touching moments.

The congratulations after saying Yes are always something special for me. On every photo you will be able to see that your friends and family are very happy for you.

In the evening, you’re finally getting to celebrate. The tensions of the day come off and the two of you are simply happy.

Emotions bring flavor to your story and make it exciting.

Wenn es mal etwas laenger dauert Hochzeit von Nadine und Michael in Bad Keuznach Dokration Hochzeitslocation Feierlocation Weinhaus Engel in Grolsheim Vintage Elegant Boho


to tell a story.

You may be asking yourselves why details are important for a story.
Here’s a short text.

”Full of excitement, Jens awaited his beloved Katharina at the park. Katharina came walking down the path and tapped Jens’ shoulder.”

And now the alternative including details:

"Shaded by trees, Jens stood on the gravel road rubbing his hands in excitement and anticipation. He was about to see his beloved Katharina in her wedding dress for the very first time. What was she going to look like? Slowly and with soft steps, Katharina walked up behind him in her ivory-colored dress. Her long blond hair was braided and put up with a silver clip. She walks so quietly that you can barely hear more than the crunching of gravel beneath her shoes. Then she stood behind him and waited for another second before she tapped her beloved Jens on his shoulder.”

Which text moves you more? Probably the second one with more details.
It’s the same with photos. Details add excitement to a story.

Emotions, moments, people, and details blend together into the story.

Alternative Hochzeitsfotografie


is a motto, which I not only apply to wedding photography.

That’s why my photos, just like my couples are always different. No story is the same as another; some are similar; yet none are the same.

Most importantly, the photos have to match you as a couple.

I love couples who are a bit out of the ordinary. But the question is more, what are ordinary couples?

That’s why I’m happy to meet every couple anew. I look forward to meeting you and you allowing me to tell your own individual story.



Before I accompany a wedding couple, it’s very important to get together for an initial conversation, non-binding of course.

Just send me a few details about you so that we can find a date and get to know each other.

Hochzeitsfotograf Speyer Stadthochzeit in Speyer Viktoria und Andreas Trauung Standesamt Speyer Hochzeitsreportage
Hochzeitsfotograf Speyer Stadthochzeit in Speyer Viktoria und Andreas Urbane Hochzeitsfotos Paarfotografie Hochzeitspaar
Boho Hochzeit in Waghaeusel Kirchliche Trauung in Wiesental
Hochzeitsreportage in Schwarzweiss Ramona und Alexander in Waghaeusel Paarfotos Eremitage Waghaeusel
Hochzeitsfotograf Karlsruhe Beim dritten Anlauf Brautpaarportraits in Waghaeusel Anna-Lena und Tino Sonnenuntergang Natur Draußen Paarfotos Hochzeitsfotos
Hochzeitsfotograf Bruchsal Lets rock Hochzeit von Sabine und Robert in Bruchsal Hochzeitsfotos am See in Forst Paarfotos Portraitfotos Hochzeitspaar

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